• Direct mail promotion

  • Sponsored sales events 

  • Radio & TV spots

  • Original sales calls

  • Service scheduling

  • ​Special finance

  • Blended campaign

  • Equity customers

  • Unsold leads

  • New Internet leads

  • Lease renewals

  • Manifest list

  • ​Special finance

  • Unsold RO work

  • Appointment scheduling (outbound/inbound)

  • Bi-lingual (Spanish) agents 

  • Handling inbound return calls (local outbound caller ID #)

  • Capturing sales data (trade-in, new vehicle interest, etc.)

  • Entering appointment detail in the dealer CRM

  • Confirmation email

  • All rescheduling 

  • ​Confirmation calls (optional)

  • CSI follow up calls (optional)

  • Weekly call summary report

  • Assigned Dealer Support Specialist (DSS)

  • All long distance, Internet fees, scripting, call recording

The HorsePower to Turbo-Charge Sales Volume

Dealer Force Outsourced BDC services offers dealerships of all sizes, a full service, turn-key BDC staffed with the industries best trained BDC agents, run and managed by industry veterans with over 40 years combined auto and call center industry experience.

Our state-of-the-art US based call-center makes and receives thousands of calls every day, scheduling confirmed sales and service appointments that lead to higher showroom traffic and sales volume. 

Offered as an outbound, inbound, service department, our unique Capture Conquest, or blended (inbound & outbound) calling plan, the Dealer Force Outsourced BDC  is delivered in plans designed for Lower Volume Dealerships, Mid Volume Dealerships and High Volume Dealerships/Franchises. Each generates instant and measurable results without the expense and hassle of an in-house center.  

One flat, all inclusive rate provides a host of services to drive interest, schedule appointments, capture valuable sales data and keep you focused on selling cars.

Inbound Calls

Work all leads from all sources:  

'lead to appointment'

Outbound Calls

Included Services